Best Practices for MySQL Database Optimization

Boost the performance of your MySQL database with these five (5) best practices for optimization. Learn about indexing, query optimization, server configuration, database design, and regular maintenance to improve your application's speed and reliability. Get expert tips and code examples to implement.

How To Pass Data Between VueJS Components

One of VueJS' essential features is the ability to share data between components. It enables you to develop a more modular project, control data scopes, and maintain a natural data flow throughout your application. By the end of this tutorial, you'll learn how to use VueJS to share data between components.

How to Optimize Laravel Database Queries (Part One)

in this two-part article, we will go through 18 tips that, if adopted, would increase the performance of your Laravel application.

What is (FID) First Input Delay and how to Optimize it

The First Input Delay (FID) is the time between a user's first interaction and the browser's ability to reply. This metric is difficult to quantify since it requires actual user interaction. In this article, we will discuss FID (First Input Delay) as well as ways to optimize it.

What is (LCP) Largest Contentful Paint and how to improve it

Largest Contentful Paint is a metric for determining how long it takes for a site's largest visual element to load. It strives to deliver a positive user experience and is one of Core Web Vitals' most important metrics.
In this article, we will discuss LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) as well as ways to improve it.

What is (CLS) Cumulative Layout Shift and how to improve it

User Experience is certainly a priority for Google. That is why one of Google's Page Experience indicators is Cumulative Layout Shift. In this article, we will discuss CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) as well as ways to improve it.

Core Web Vitals: Improve your SEO ranking

In this article, We'll discuss how to measure and interpret your Core Web Vitals in order to provide a better user experience and, as a result, improve your SEO ranking.


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